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My name is Bryson Leo. I was born and raised in the heartlands of Singapore. Photography started out as a hobby for me but it quickly evolved into a consuming passion. When I first started, I enjoyed discovering the wonders of my first camera and spending countless hours at my computer sorting and post-processing photos. 

Today, while majoring in Veterinary Sciences, I work as a freelance photographer in my spare time. My style of photography is bold yet refined. Although my photos may be a little stylised at times, I strive to keep them true to life. I love photographing wildlife portraits as well as candids of people around me. The behaviours of animals and people and how similar they are at times is simply fascinating.

For me, photography is about being at the right place at the right time. A photo is not just a mere picture but a work of art. As a photographer, my work has been featured within the popular pages of 500px.com as well as Fotoblur.com. When I am not clicking away at the shutter, you can find me strumming my guitar, mashing the buttons on the controller of my Playstation 4, and watching obscene amounts of TV shows without a trace of shame.





To enquire about photography services, please contact me via:


or +65 96515441

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